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Podcast: Las Vegas Money Resource with Travis Scribner

​”It was a pleasure to sit down with Travis ​Scribner of WestPac Wealth Partners. I’ve been listening to his podcasts recently and always enjoyed his interviewing style where he digs into the professional, personal and community aspects of his guests. During my podcast I was able to talk about my path to the creation of Lever Capital Partners, knowledge of the Las Vegas market, involvement in the Entrepreneurs’ Organization and being the President of the Real Estate Capital Alliance.”               – Adam Horowitz, Principal, Lever Capital Partners

Click here to listen to Lever Capital Partners’ Principal, Adam Horowitz, talk with Travis Scribner:

Avoiding Commercial Real Estate Investing Mistakes

Loved this article from Michael Episcope titled “Avoid These Four Common Commercial Real Estate Investing Mistakes”. He did a good job of highlighting some of the pitfalls when buying commercial property. These are good tips once you’ve decided to jump into the deep end, but you might want to ask yourself “Why am I going swimming at all?”. Being a real estate owner isn’t easy and you need to make sure you’ve identified your desired outcome from the beginning. Are you trying accumulate wealth through holding assets long-term or do you feel like there’s a “bargain” here that you can flip and make a profit in a shorter time frame. Whatever you decide to do, make sure you’re buying it right and are willing to outwork your competition…as there are NO shortcuts.

Click here to read more about the four common mistakes to avoid when investing in commercial real estate: